How to handle waste during COVID-19

Pursuant to the opinion of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic, the protective equipment used by households or employees under normal operations – masks, respirators, gloves, tissues - should be disposed of as normal waste. Therefore, no special procedure is applied here. This waste is deposited only into mixed waste.

The following procedure is recommended:

  • The protective equipment used, such as face masks or gloves, should be placed in a plastic bag or sack and tightly closed;
  • The sack or bag must be thrown out into the mixed municipal waste (black waste bin);
  • Please follow all hygiene rules and wash your hands after handling the waste.


If you are in quarantine:

  • Put the waste in a plastic bin bag and properly tie it after each use;
  • After filling it, put the bag into another bag and store the waste at home;
  • Only after 72 hours or after receiving notice of negative results, place this waste into a municipal waste collection bin (black waste bin);
  • Do not place the waste near the waste collection bins to avoid endangering waste collection workers.

How to handle waste during COVID-19 - flyer for download


Updated guidance from the Ministry of Environment regarding waste handling during the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 can be found at

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